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Special Education Parent Network (SEPN)

Is a parent/faculty organization representing the interests of students with disabilities in District 59. The purpose is to provide parent input to the District related to the educational needs of students who are challenged with disabilities; foster awareness, acceptance, and support for students with special needs, and to support the ongoing needs of their parents.
Membership is open to parents, community members and faculty who are interested to support this Network’s purposes.  No membership fees. Meetings – There are at least three SEPN meetings scheduled during the year.  They focus on topics of interest as a means of providing opportunities to educate parents and interested parties and to allow parents to meet and support each other.  Periodic announcements for SEPN Meetings will be provided to the public and parents. If you want to be on the SEPN email list send your information to:

Contact Person:

Sarah Danielewicz
Coordinator Educational Services

SEPN Newsletters



SEPN Web page

Educational Services

Our department offers special education and related services for students with disabilities, and preventive intervention for at-risk students.

The mission of the Educational Services Department is to advocate for all children, supporting a full range of educational services to meet the needs of a diverse student population, recognizing that success is different for each child.

Problem-Solving Teams
District 59 utilizes a school-based problem-solving model for designing effective academic and behavioral interventions for students and monitoring their ongoing performance. Multi-disciplinary teams at each school use a three-tiered system of supports, applying the problem-solving model for decision-making, utilizing data collection and analysis to inform instructional practices.  The school principal facilitates the problem-solving process in their school.

Early Childhood
District 59 offers early childhood programs for children ages 3-5 who reside within the district.  The programs are designed to nurture the development of children in the areas of language, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills and pre-academics.

  • Special Needs Program- special education services for students identified with disabilities.
  • At-Risk Program- services for students who have been determined eligible on the basis of at-risk factors.
  • Tuition Program- program for typically developing students for whom parents pay tuition fees.

Health Services
Health services are provided in District 59 through a collaborative team approach focusing on supporting the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of students and staff. Health staff oversees mandated health services including immunizations and physicals for school attendance, dental examinations, eye examinations, vision and hearing screenings, and athletic physicals.  They also respond to student illness and injuries and provide support to students with chronic health needs. Health services staff collaborates with faculty colleagues and parents to promote wellness and safety to enhance the educational outcomes for students.

Homeless Students
Homeless children may attend District schools when: (a) they resided in the District’s attendance area when permanently housed or last enrolled in school; or (b) they are currently living within the District’s attendance area. A homeless child shall be immediately admitted, even if the child or child’s parent/guardian is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment, such as proof of residency or other documentation.
Further information regarding the educational rights of homeless students may be obtained by contacting the District’s Homeless Student Liaison:
Rebecca Streit
Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services

School-based counseling services are provided by social workers and psychologists in District 59 to foster the social and emotional development of students.  The Social and Emotional Learning Standards developed by the Illinois State Board of Education provide the framework for counseling interventions.  The standards consist of research-based social emotional learning competencies which improve students’ social/emotional development, readiness to learn, classroom behavior, and academic performance.

Section 504 Student Accommodation Plans
District 59 provides Section 504 Accommodation Plans for students who have been identified with a physical or mental disability which substantially limits one or more major life activities as defined in the federal Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.   Major life activities include: caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, seeing, hearing, eating, sleeping, walking, standing, lifting, bending, speaking, breathing, learning, reading, concentrating, thinking, communicating, working and the operation of a major bodily function. Students may be determined eligible for accommodations to ensure that they receive a free and appropriate public education. No qualified individual with a disability under Section 504 shall be, on the basis of disability, excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subject to discrimination in any program or activity.

A school based Section 504 Team, consisting of a group of people who have knowledge about the child with the parent/legal guardian, will review relevant information to determine if the child is disabled under Section 504. A case study evaluation may be recommended by the team to determine if the child is disabled and if the child is eligible for services under Special Education with an IEP plus 504 accommodations or just a Section 504 Accommodation Plan.  If the child is found to be eligible under Section 504, then the team will develop an Accommodation Plan to enable the child to benefit from his or her educational program.  Students eligible for accommodations under Section 504 shall, to the greatest extent possible, be afforded the opportunity to participate with individuals who are not disabled in academic and extracurricular activities when appropriate.  Section 504 plans are reviewed and revised at least on an annual basis.  For further information about Section 504 eligibility or Accommodation Plans, please contact the school psychologist at your child’s District school, or you may contact the Education Services Department.

Special Education
School District 59 provides a comprehensive program of special education services for students with disabilities, ages 3-15 who are residents of the district, attend a private school within the district’s boundaries, or are home schooled. Approximately 13.1% of the students have been identified with a disability that adversely impacts their educational functioning.

District 59 embraces an inclusive philosophy of providing special education services within a student’s community. Based upon the educational needs of individual students, services may include: consultation, resource, instructional, special day schools, or medical homebound.  Special education services and supports are provided to students and their parents by special education teachers, speech/language pathologists, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teaching assistants, and others with specialized expertise.  District 59 is a member of three special education cooperatives, the Northwest Suburban Special Education Organization (NSSEO), the Low Incidence Cooperative Agreement (LICA) and Infinitec.  The cooperatives provide services for students, professional development opportunities for staff, educational resources, negotiated purchases, and parent education activities.

Student Records of Students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans
Student records which contain documents in regards to special education reports plans or Section 504 Plans are considered temporary records as per law.  These student records are maintained by the District for five years after the student has left the school district.

Maintenance of these specific records are the responsibility of the Educational Services Department.   They are maintained in a confidential manner.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) of a student under the age of 18 years of age, or designee, shall be entitled to inspect and copy information in the child’s school records; a student older than 18 years of age may inspect or copy information in the student’s record. Such requests shall be made in writing and directed to the Executive Director of Educational Services.  Access to the records shall be granted within 15 days of the District’s receipt of such a request.  There is a cost of copying records at $.35 per page.  No parent(s)/ guardian(s) or student shall be precluded from copying information because of financial hardship.

Educational Services

@ Becki Streit
Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services

Department Fax:

@ Kristie Brettman
Administrative Secretary

@ Karem Nava
Administrative Secretary

@ Teresa Villasenor
Administrative Secretary

@ Sarah Danielewicz
Coordinator of Special Services

@ Sue Stein
Coordinator of Special Services

@ Melissa Ward
Coordinator of Early Childhood

@ Denise Webster
Coordinator School Health Services

@ Michelle Piotrowski
Lead Social Worker
(T, W, TH)

@ Dr. Deborah Anderson
Lead Psychologist

@ Trisha Senne
Special Services Learning Facilitator

@ Cindy Krizizke
 Lead Speech/Language Pathologist
Assistive Technology

@ Natalie Amato-Zech
PBIS District Coach

Melissa Wells - (NSSEO)
Coordinator of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

Important Resources for Parents of Students with Special Needs

  1. Illinois State Board of Education’s Parents Rights for Children with Special Needs - English Version - June 2009
    (You will need to download Adobe Reader 9.0 for free in order to view and copy the parents’ rights - http://www.adobe.com)
  2. Illinois State Board of Education’s Parents Rights for Children with Special Needs - Spanish Version - June 2009
    (You will need to download Adobe Reader 9.0 for free in order to view and copy the parents’ rights - http://www.adobe.com)
  3. Illinois State Board of Education’s Parent Information Page - Several Topics listed 
  4. Northwest Suburban Special Education District - NSSEO  is the special education cooperative agency that District 59 utilizes for providing services, training, and specialized programs as recommended by the school team.